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We try to maintain stock of mid range components for repairs and system builds or upgrades. We try to keep items current with what is new on the market. This translates to lower prices for you!

Regularly restocked Items:
Hard Drives
burners    SATA/IDE
Keyboards Mice
Video Cards
Sound Cards


Power supplies
  PC Cases
PC’s & Laptops
We offer custom built PC’s and Custom ordered laptops. We know one size doesn’t fit all so we try to listen to your needs and recommend something that will scale well and meet your current needs.
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Customer Testimonials

On behalf of everyone here, I would like to Thank you and your company for the outstanding customer service that we received on March 17th, 2011.  We had a very important customer of ours lose their Server computer that ran their entire facility.  You can imagine the severity of having your entire facility come to a screeching halt.  Our customer drove the server down to your shop and your employee's immediately went to work on it to diagnose the issue.  It was determined that the mother board had failed on this computer and rather than waiting until the next day to get a new mother board we decided to build them a brand new computer to get them back up and running the following morning.  Your employees went straight to work and rebuild them a new computer in a matter of a couple of hours! They stayed late with us to ensure that all of the software we needed to re-install on this new computer went smoothly and even went out of their way to get the proper video card that we needed.


There are not many companies that you can go to that can offer this level of professionalism and willingness to do whatever it takes to make customers completely satisfied when they leave the shop. I would like to personally thank each and everyone of your employees for their professionalism and for the exceptional customer service that we received.  Special thanks to Mike and his crew for staying late and pulling this all together for us under such a short time frame and for allowing us space in your shop to work along side of them to get the computer fully operational for the end user.


I will strongly recommend your shop to anyone and everyone that might require any type of service work that you provide.

Again, I can't thank you enough for the excellent work we received from your company.


Thanks again.



Engineering Manager

Just got my laptop back from the Spring Cleaning Special and also a much need RAM upgrade. Thanks Scott and crew, this thing is a rocket ship now!


Went into Prime West Systems today to pick up a new video card. Mike "The Manager" was talking to a customer who opted to have their 5 year old laptop rebuilt rather than buy a new one. The repairs went perfectly and everything was great for months then the LCD screen died. Bear in mind it was 5 years old. Here is where it gets really good though...

I work for a high paced auto repair facility and we need our computers to track the vehicle history of our customers, track inventory, and keep our appointments in order. PWS has come to our rescue twice this year, and both times they have repaired the system quickly, stayed with in budget, and helped us with preventative tips. I am 100% confident in recommending them to my friends and business associates. Finally...IT you can trust!


PWS is the bomb! Great service and prices! I recommend them to everyone.


Prime West Systems has handled all our I.T department needs for over 1 year. Even though we are a fast paced electrical contracting business located more than 2000 miles away, they have handled every need with speed and care. We would highly recommend their services to you.

Joe Davis

General Manager

Southwest Electric

Prime West Systems is AWESOME!!!! They do what they say they're going to do and do it well!


When asked to write how I felt about Prime West Systems I was delighted.  My Company has used Prime West Systems to manage our network for many years. Although they are a relatively small company, their professionalism, knowledge and customer service have always been exceptional. As different personnel have been introduced to our company, PWS has made sure that they were brought up to speed before they worked on their own.  Although they keep up with current technologies, they are familiar with, and able to work on the few old systems that we still have in place. Our overall experience with them has been great. In addition to their work at our plants I use their store to buy hardware and software. The people are helpful and knowledgeable and they have what I need.

Doug - Plant Manager

PWS is the bomb! Great service and prices! I recommend them to everyone.


One of our clients just called thanking me for referring them to Prime West Systems. She said "WOW! What a huge difference, they are so professional. Thank you so much for referring them to me."


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